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How wage increases are automatically triggered in Apprentix
How wage increases are automatically triggered in Apprentix
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When an Apprenticeship is first created, there is a step to define Wage Increases. This Wage Increase Schedule applies to all Apprentices within this Apprenticeship Program.

For Admins

Please see: How to edit wage increases as an Admin

For Apprentices

Not all apprenticeships will feature a Wage Progression view. In this case, you will need to discuss wage expectations with your Supervisor or HR Contact in person.

From the Manage Portal

  • Go to My Progress > Wage Progression

As you complete the milestones defined within the Apprenticeship, you will unlock the Wage Increase as defined in the Wage Progression view.

This does not automatically reflect in payroll. Instead, this tracker serves as a way to communicate expectations between Apprentice and Employer.

After completing a milestone in accordance with the Wage Progression view, your Manager and Admin will receive a notification saying that you are eligible for a wage increase. They may perform an assessment within Apprentix and/or may have a different process. You can go to your Manager, Admin, or assigned HR representative to discuss your achievements and the expected raise.

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