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How to edit wage increases as an Admin or Sponsor
How to edit wage increases as an Admin or Sponsor
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When you first create an Apprenticeship, you will be guided through creating Wage Increases. Here is how you would edit that schedule. (This applies to all Apprentices within this Apprenticeship Program.)

Add a Wage Increase Milestone

From the Apprenticeship View

  1. Go to Wage Schedule

  2. Edit Starting Wage and Cycle

  3. Or click “Add Wage Increase”

  4. Select basis for Increased from the dropdown menu

  5. Time Logged - based on the total number of hours the apprentice has logged via the Time Tracking feature.

  6. Course Completion - based on the completion of a specific course from the Classroom Plan.

  7. Competency Achieved - based on the completion of a Competency you’ve defined in the On-the-Job Plan

  8. Interim Credential Earned - based on the assignment of a Credential.

  9. Other - based on a custom milestone you define in the details field.

  10. Fill out the details

  11. Enter the “raise” that the apprentice should receive in the “Increase by” fields.

  12. Save Changes

This is also where you can define the wage that someone will earn when they’ve completed the entire Apprenticeship.

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