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How To Use Apprentix As An Admin
How To Use Apprentix As An Admin
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Navigating the Apprentix platform as an administrator.

Navigation Menu

  • Home

    • Action items are displayed here upon login. Clicking an action item will direct you to the location of the item that requires actions.

    • Tasks will trigger an email notification when an action item requires your attention.

  • Apprenticeship - Ability to edit the details of the apprenticeship.

    • Program Sponsor

      • Program sponsor and complaints manager details.

    • Job Description

      • Customize your apprenticeship job description to match your company’s needs.

    • Classroom Plan

      • Classroom plan details and course list.

    • On-the-Job Plan

      • Job functions and competencies.

    • Wage Schedule

      • Give apprentices a clear picture of what they need to do to earn more wages as they contribute more value to your company.

    • Mentoring

      • Supportive services and mentorship setup.

    • Supportive Services

      • Supportive services and mentorship setup.

  • People - All of your team members that are associated with the apprenticeship.

  • Company

    • Company Details

    • Documents

      • Dependent on the apprenticeship registry.

    • Compliance

      • Compliance information and RAPIDS setup.

  • Performance Tools

    • Time Tracking

      • Review, approve, and/or edit time submissions.

    • Evaluations

      • Evaluations of skills/competencies an apprentice is learning that do not have a time requirement, ie behavioral skills.

      • An apprentice can submit a request for an evaluation of a skill/competency.

    • Feedback

      • Documenting feedback to an apprentice.

    • PE Credit

      • Past experience credit.

    • Wage Increases

      • Visibility on when wage increases have taken place.

  • Reports

    • View each of your apprentices and all their relevant info.

  • Plan & Billing

    • Current plan information and your apprenticeship summary.

  • Refer & Earn

  • Help

    • Apprentix Help Center

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