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How To Define Your Recruiting Process & View Recruiting Sources
How To Define Your Recruiting Process & View Recruiting Sources
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Add Recruiting Process

A recruiting process can help open your company up to a broader, more diverse pool of candidates – one of the benefits of creating an apprenticeship program.

Apprentix helps you define your selection process and find alternate recruiting sources to open up your candidate pool.

Please note that your selection process must meet equal opportunity laws.

Click Step 9: Recruiting process

Recruiting Process

  1. Enter your selection process

    1. Try to include:

      1. Who will be eligible (including internal or external hires)

      2. Any groups of people such as veterans

      3. Any career connections such as pre-apprenticeships

      4. High-level selection process

  2. Select willingness to accept credit for previous experience

    1. Yes: This will notify the apprentice that they may submit a request for previous experience credit.

      1. When an apprentice submits the request, they are also required to provide evidence that you can evaluate and either approve or deny.

    2. No: This will notify the apprentice that you are not open to receiving requests.

      1. It’s important to note that accepting previous experience speeds up the process for you to generate an ROI.

  3. Click Save & continue

Recruiting Sources

This table is simply a helpful resource list of places where you can post your apprenticeship job opening. We continue to add resources to this list to help you find candidates.

  1. Click Continue Apprentix Setup

How to Recruit an Apprentice

Thanks to our friends at the Markle Foundation, they've put together these two training videos to help you recruit and evaluate apprentice candidates:

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