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How to add People
Updated over a week ago

Add Employees

Add employees to the Apprentix platform.

This is where you will add any current apprentices you may have as well as any managers and mentors relevant to this apprenticeship.

After you add them, all employees can self-onboard in Apprentix.

Click Step 10: Add employees

Click Add New Employee button.

  1. Select user status

    1. New User: Select this if you are adding a user that is not already associated with your company. This is only applicable to those who are managing multiple apprenticeships.

    2. Existing User: Select this if you are trying to add a user to this apprenticeship who is already associated with another apprenticeship within Apprentix.

  2. Enter your employee’s basic information

    1. Full legal name

    2. Role: This determines the functionality this user will have access to.

    3. Job Title

    4. Manager (managers must have an Apprentix employee account and email address)

    5. Mentor (mentors must have an Apprentix employee account and email address)

    6. Work remotely

    7. Work email

      1. Your employee will have access to Apprentix using this email address once the setup is complete.

  3. Enter Demographic Information

    1. Provide as much or as little information as you’d like.

      1. Education level

      2. Ethnic group

      3. Sex

      4. Race: Select all that apply

      5. Groups: Select all that apply

      6. Career Connections: Select all that apply

  4. Click Save changes

    1. We'll email your employee asking them to finish entering their personal details.

  5. Click Continue Apprentix Setup

Note: All users even unassigned ones get an email invitation to set up their account.

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