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What will I be able to see in the demo (30-day free trial)?
What will I be able to see in the demo (30-day free trial)?
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During the 30-day free trial you are free to use all of the features of Apprentix on the “Unlimited Plan”.

Company Info

You can enter dummy info to get started right away, but we recommend using real information in the Company Name, Contact Name, and Email fields. We know you’ll love using Apprentix, and when you’re ready to become a paid user, these fields will be used for billing purposes.

Creating Test Users

If you’re testing on your own and you have created multiple logins for yourself, we recommend using incognito mode to log in as the different users. Apprentix doesn’t support simultaneous logins, and you won’t be able to see

If you’re email is hosted by Google, you can use the + modified to create multiple users without needing to check multiple inboxes.

For example:

Each of those looks like a different email, but all the messages go to the [email protected] inbox.

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